How to Build and Maintain a Yard?

It is very easy to take care of and maintain the yard, if you know what procedures and pesticides to use. If you fail to maintain, there is a chance that the whole lawn might get infected with unpleasant diseases or skin irritations. Not all chemical treatments can protect your yard; here are some of the safer ways to protect your lawn and make it more appealing.


Remove tall brush and grass at the edge of your garden to give good looks. Instead of dumping leaves and grass in drainage, compost them to create rich ingredient to your lawn.

Using Fertilizers in Limited Quantity

It is good to add fertilizers, but lots of them can promote rapid grass growth that can give shelter to insects and cause some diseases. Hence, you should not apply fertilizers in excess quantities. You can apply them during the fall season, but not the ones with high nitrogen ingredients.

If you want to kill worms, you can apply pesticides, but not fungicides or insecticides, as it makes the soil poorer. The health of soil is less likely to get damaged by insects or succumb to infections.

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