Local Preservation: Outdoor Projects

Through clear understanding of the ground preservation, yard of North Central Texas, CENTRALDENTONPRESERVATION.ORG offers nature education, restoration projects, conservations, and research programs to inspire citizens.

Historical Significance

The Central Denton is mainly known as historic district, especially West Oak and Hickory Historic district, and Bell Avenue. Protecting the ground and yard is critical and hence the government has passed a new ground preservation law that encourages the conservation of local tress and their stands. The new ordinance safeguards tress during construction of building, site design, and other building aspects, and ultimately promotes the long term establishment of tress.

The new regulation allows developers to replace the existing native tress, provided they’re replaced with planed ones to reduce the process of tree removal. Depending on the size and type of the construction, the site could be modified, but the law is quite stringent with respect to construction of different sizes.

It's the right Move

The main aim of the regulation is to conserve a lot more existing tress, alongside cultivating new ones. Though Central Denton isn’t needed to have a tree regulation, it’s committed to preserve the natural environment and historic grounds for people to live in and enjoy. Environmental groups, developers, builders, and citizens are all equal and the new ordinance is formulated to make sure that the local tress would last for generations to come; check out our specially designed terrarium for plants.

The city has a rich historical custom preserved on local, and national. The replacement of trees would be monitored by government department. No matter small or big, the tree replacement motto for preservation stands the same, and Centraldentonpreservation.org is dedicated to achieving this ultimate goal helping the environment with planting trees, bushes, and other plants.

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